Can I visit my horse at Cedarwood?

Yes! We happily accommodate owners who want to come visit their horses. While we are usually on the farm and happy to have you connect with your horse “last minute” if you happen to be nearby, we generally request that you give us advanced notice, so we can schedule to be here to meet you and make your visit as safe yet interactive as possible.

My horse needs to recover from an injury before he/she can be retired in a field. Can you take a horse that needs rehab?

As long as we have a stall available, we can nurse a horse through injury, presuming a reasonable prognosis of recovery to pasture soundness by the attending veterinarian. A daily rehab rate would apply until the horse was able to be kept in one of the categories we offer for retirement. Veterinary care, medications, supplies and re-checks as necessary would be the financial responsibility of the owner directly.

Can I come ride my horse occasionally?

Due to liability reasons, we do not allow people to ride the horses retired on the farm.

What does my horse need before coming to reside at Cedarwood?

We require horses to have a negative Coggins (EIA) test within 12 months, tetanus and rabies boosters within 12 months, and a flu-rhino vaccine within 90 days of arrival. This ensures the health of your horse and the other horses on the farm. We also de-worm horses on arrival unless you have a current (within 30 day) fecal egg count test with results of 1 or less.

My horse has health issues. Can you accommodate them?

Depending on your horse’s needs, we will discuss the level of care we feel is necessary to accommodate them. If we don’t feel we can deliver the level of care necessary, we will be forthright about that and recommend you find a different situation for your horse.

What if my horse has an emergency and you can’t get a hold of me?

If your horse has an emergency, we will attempt to contact you using the emergency contact information you provide. Part of our contract requires that you stipulate the $ amount of veterinary care you authorize us to spend if we cannot reach you in an emergency. If, in the veterinarian’s opinion the horse cannot be saved humanely and within your financial parameters, we will attend the horse while he or she is compassionately euthanized. We do require that you give us permission to use our discretion to humanely euthanize your horse in the event you cannot be reached in a timely manner. Our responsibility as an advocate for the compassionate treatment of your horse is our first priority.

What forms do I need to provide to you in order to board my horse?

Cedarwood Farm asks each boarder to complete the following forms prior to shipping a horse:

Boarding Application

Horse Boarding Agreement

Liability Waiver